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Nebraska Department of Correctional Services

The Nebraska Department of Correctional Services is an agency that is backed by a vast team. This team has the same mission, which is to keep people safe. This doesn’t just mean their co-workers, but their residents and the people in their custody.

Ever since the facility was formed in 1856, it’s always been about keeping the people safe. As you can see by their mission, they are responsible for maintaining the public safe, but the people who work for them and the people in their facility. This is actively done by promoting secure incarceration protocols along with their daily vigilance.
The Nebraska Department of Correctional Services undertakes adequate security in all of their ten facilities. This includes having top-notch technology, offering treatment programs to promote better mental health, and facilitating assessments on all inmates who first come into their care.
As of 2012, the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services is responsible for ten correctional facilities in five communities throughout the state.
The Nebraska Department of Correctional Services is known as the second-largest employer in the state. They currently have over 2,000 people on their team. Their team does consist of over 150 different job types.

How to Do an Inmate Search?

Did you know that the Nebraska Department of Corrections is the man behind this database? The Nebraska doc inmate search doesn’t only have to keep the ones in custody safe, but they also have to update this database. This database serves the people in the communities. You can sift through this database 24/7. Please note this database is updated a few times a day.
The only information you need when sifting through this database is the inmate’s full name or their DCS number. The DCS number is the number given to the inmate when they are first brought into the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services. You will find those who got paroled, probation, and those in custody in one of their ten facilities.


A long time ago, the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services also was in charge of the juvenile side of things, which included several facilities:

  • Youth Rehabilitation & Treatment Center- Geneva (girls' facility)
  • Youth Rehabilitation & Treatment Center - Kearney (boys' facility)

The juvenile correctional services separated from the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services in early 1997. Every correctional facility that handled the youth was transferred to the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, managing this demographic.

How Many Officers Have Been Killed?

Since the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services was formed, there have only been six correctional officers that died on the job.

Nebraska Death Penalty

The Nebraska State Penitentiary was the correctional facility that carried out all executions after 1903.
 Before 1903, all executions got handled on a county level. The state-level did not take executions, as they left it up to the local governments to control. For the first ten years that executions were legal, the way they would execute hanging. Then from 1913 until the middle of 2018, they opted into using the electric chair. As of now, the state uses lethal injection as its way to execute inmates on death row.

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