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logo_onwhite.gifThe Fremont and Elkhorn Valley Railway is home to the Nebraska Railroad Museum. We are located at 1835 N Somers Avenue, Fremont, NE. We operate approximately 17 miles of ex-Chicago-Northwestern trackage between Fremont and Hooper, Nebraska. We operate an excursion train Saturday and Sunday afternoons between March and October. Winter charters are available; as well as, Santa Claus runs during the Holiday Season. https://come.to/the.fevr

Nebraska’s stage theaters: https://www.curtainrising.com/usa/usa_ne.html

Mary Riepma Ross Film Theater - https://www.theross.org/ - Now fans of fine film can stay abreast of current screenings, upcoming features and much more by visiting this web-site. Located on the University of Nebraska - Lincoln campus.

Beth Stoffmacher
Technical Assistance Coordinator
National Arts and Disability Center
300 UCLA Medical Plaza, Ste. 3310
Los Angeles, CA 90095-6967
Phone: 310-825-5054
Fax: 310-794-1143
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Internet: https://nadc.ucla.edu/

Superior Screenwriting Workshop - https://www.lewhunter.com/

Next Wave Films - https://www.nextwavefilms.com/ - Seeking exceptional, ultra-low budget features that need finishing funds. Filmmakers getting the film in the can for less than $200,000 can be considered for finishing funds up to $100,000.


Nebraska Coast Connection - https://www.nebraskacoast.com/

Film Festivals Server - https://www.filmfestivals.com/

Nebraska Independent Film Projects, Inc. - https://www.nifp.org/

The Writer's Computer Store - https://www.screenplay.com/ - Software for filmmakers, screenwriters, and novelists.

Film Finders - https://www.filmfinders.com/ - Film Finders helps link distributors and indie producers together.

Surfview Entertainment - https://www.surfview.com/ - Surfview offers listings of film projects for potential investors to peruse.

Film Forum - https://www.filmforum.com/ - New York's alternative Film Forum provides booking info on films that have played there and a calendar of upcoming screenings.

IndieWIRE - https://www.indiewire.com/ - The indie world's virtual daily, gives news, filmmaker interviews and festival updates

Glass Eye Pix - https://www.glasseyepix.com/ - Larry Fessendon offers up merchandise, film rundowns and self-distribution info.

Grainy Pictures - https://www.grainypictures.com/ - Home page for John Pierson. Includes info on his Independent Film Channel show "Split Screen" and a message board.

Film Threat - https://www.filmthreat.com/ - Founder-editor Chris Gore provides cranky reviews, useful links, and festival reports.

San Francisco Jewish Film Festival - https://www.sfjff.org/

Women In Film - https://www.wif.org/- A professional organization committed to recognizing, developing, and promoting the unique visions of women in the global communications industry.

Bay Area Video Coalition - https://www.bavc.org/ - Nation's largest media arts center providing the nonprofit sector access to media, education, and technology.

Nebraska Film Office
P.O. Box 98907
Lincoln, NE 68509-8907
For further information, please contact us: Contact Form

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