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Living & Working

Nebraska easily balances and blends economic and employment opportunities with a high quality of life index.

Employers gain a central geographic location, as well as educated employees, beneficial tax incentives, and solid, reliable infrastructure. Employees gain quality employment, earnings that translate into equitable buying power and reduced commute times. Both benefit from supportive communities, excellent educational systems, reduced crime, affordable housing, clean air and water, and a variety of indoor and outdoor recreational , cultural and historical-related activities and events in which to participate.

Nebraska continues to rank…
2nd Best Job Market for Job Creation, 2009 Gallup
2nd Best Employment Leaders, 2010 Business Facilities Magazine Rankings Report
4th Best Quality of Life, 2010 Business Facilities Magazine Rankings Report
5th Best Education Climate, 2010 Business Facilities Magazine Rankings Report
8th Among America’s Least Expensive States for Closing Costs, 2009 US News and World Report
9th Best States for Business and Careers, 2010 Forbes.com

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