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Nebraska Developing Youth Talent Initiative Information

The Manufacturing and Information Technology (IT) industries are changing rapidly due to innovation. As Nebraska businesses compete in a fast-paced, global economy, workforce demands continue to grow. Connecting young Nebraskans to learning opportunities in these fields can play an important role in their decision to build their careers in our state. Exposing this next generation of leaders to the advanced skills and knowledge required in these industries encourages an expanding workforce to help Grow Nebraska.

The Nebraska Developing Youth Talent Initiative is designed to support an industry-defined approach to develop a youth talent pipeline. Proposed by Governor Ricketts and approved by the legislature in 2015, the initiative requires collaboration between Nebraska businesses and public schools to expose and excite student interest within the Manufacturing and IT industries. Grant recipients will partner with schools to engage students to participate in hands-on career exploration and relevant workplace learning opportunities. The programs will target students beginning in the seventh and eighth grades and will demonstrate sustainability and measurable impact.

The Nebraska Department of Economic Development encourages businesses that are interested in applying for grant funds to work with their local public school(s) in application preparation and development of their plan.

  • Applicants must be a business in either the Manufacturing or IT sectors
  • Partnership between a consortium of businesses is encouraged with one being designated as a ‘lead’
  • Applicants must work in collaboration with public schools to design and implement program
  • Applications will be accepted by DED through May 5, 2017, NOON. (CST)
  • Grant will allocate up to $200,000 with a minimum award to two projects
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Grant Level and Eligibility:

Is my business eligible to receive a grant?

Eligible businesses are those for-profit in the manufacturing or information technology sector, or a business that has large number of IT occupations. Non-profit businesses can be part of a business consortium.

How much money can my business receive?

Businesses awarded grants can receive a reimbursement of up to $100,000 for eligible expenses. An example of an ineligible expense is teacher salaries or substitutes.

What are the requirements for the grant?

Eligible business or consortium of businesses must partner with public schools to create a sustainable plan to encourage 7th and 8th grade student participation in hands-on career exploration and exposure to their industry occupations. Letters of support from all entities participating in the application and identification of all in-kind match is also requested in the application.

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When should I apply?

Applications for 2017-18 are due electronically by NOON, May 5, 2017. Contract end date will be June 30, 2018.

How do I apply?

Send electronic application with supporting documents to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by NOON of May 5, 2017.

How does the Department determine grant awardees?

DED and NDE panel will competitively review all complete applications based on criteria of sustainability, measurable impact, statement of need, goals and anticipated outcomes, evaluation plan, budget and timeline.

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Process and Requirements

After I apply, what’s next?

The Department will contact you if we have any questions and notify you of either award or non-award status within 4-6 weeks.

What documentation is required?

  • Once approval is verified through a letter of award, an original contract will be executed.
  • An ACH Enrollment Form will need to be submitted for reimbursement purposes once award is made.
  • A Certificate of Good Standing with Secretary of State’s office no more than 12 months old.

What is the Contract Period?

Contract period is for a year with eligible costs incurred within the Contract Period ending June 30, 2018.

How and when do I get reimbursed?

Once the contract and ACH Enrollment Form are completed with signatures, reimbursement may be requested in amounts no less than $1000. An invoice and signed receipts of payment with grant number must be submitted for verification of expenditures.

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For any NDYTI question, please contact: Linda Black I This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or .

Page Revised January 18, 2017

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