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Talent & Innovation Initiative (TI2)

Business Innovation Act
Provides funding to help businesses develop new technologies that lead to quality job opportunities across the state. Competitive grants will provide funding and technical assistance for research at Nebraska institutions, new product development and testing, and help expand small business and entrepreneur outreach efforts. Program information and application forms can be found here.

Intern Nebraska (InternNE) Grant Program
Provides financial assistance to employers creating new internships in Nebraska. Program and application information can be found here. Use InternNE.com, the premier source of paid internships in Nebraska, to post your internships, search for candidates, and manage your InternNE Grant.

Angel Investment Tax Credit
Encourages investment in high-tech and other start-up Nebraska enterprises by helping attract private funding. The tax credit is refundable and available to a wide range of industries making Nebraska's Angel Investment Tax Credit one of the most competitive in the nation. Program information and application forms can be found here.

Site and Building Development Fund
Creates conditions favorable to improving Nebraska's industrial readiness which furthers economic development and increases the general prosperity outlook for all Nebraska citizens. Program information and application forms can be found here.

Download Center
2014 Report: Supporting and Increasing Venture Capital in Nebraska
Qualified Action Plan for the State of Nebraska Business Innovation Programs
Ti2 Brochure
Growing Nebraska's Innovation
Proposed 2016-2017 BIA Qualified Action Plan

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