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Major Industry Clusters

Nebraska’s Industry Clusters
The detailed assessment of Nebraska’s economic building blocks of industry development, technology drivers, and talent base—all critical to success in the 21st century’s global, knowledge-based economy—suggests that Nebraska has a diverse and well-performing primary industry base to drive future economic development.
Nebraska’s industry clusters, as identified in the Battelle Study: Growing Jobs, Industries, and Talent: A Competitive Advantage Assessment and Strategy for the State of Nebraska, and the Department’s follow-up: Nebraska’s Growth Initiatives Implementation Plan, were evaluated based on strengths in employment trends, economic output, geographic presence across the state, and future growth projections, and include.

Nebraska Department of Economic Development is working with businesses within the clusters to develop Industry networks.

Existing Industry Networks
Nebraska Logistics Council www.nebraskalogisticscouncil.org
Bio Nebraska www.bionebraska.com
Nebraska Manufacturing Advisory Council (NeMAC) www.nebraskamanufacturing.com
Nebraska Construction Council www.BuildOurNebraska.com

Heritage Report

Battelle Study:
Nebraska Competitive Advantage Assessment

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