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We appreciate your dedication and growth in Nebraska, and we are dedicated to working with your business to locate the information and resources needed for continued growth and success in Nebraska.

The Department provides assistance for improving business processes and efficiency, and advancing market competition.

Nebraska Business Retention & Expansion Program
Nebraska’s Business Retention and Expansion (BRE) Program allows discussion with existing businesses in Nebraska through personal interviews that provides important information on the local and state business climate. At the State level data on investments, technology, jobs, markets, and workforce is used to shape economic development policy and program alignment.

The program’s three-fold purpose:

  • Identifies key advantages and challenges to growth for existing businesses.
  • Recommends improvement strategies for businesses, educators, economic development professionals.
  • Promotes a platform for economic development professionals to record perceptions of business executives about the business climate.

Overall, the program assists with long-term planning, including identifying common issues and trends, strategic planning and policy articulation. Economic developers use the data to enhance supply chains, evaluate current legislation, and actively gauge communities’ current status and levels of competitiveness.

Gallup Entrepreneur Acceleration System 

Gallup’s Entrepreneur Acceleration System (EAS) measures and then develops the entrepreneurial abilities of the individual(s) at the helm of the firm via highly targeted, structured and strategic activities.

In the six month, talent-based development and acceleration program, Gallup Consultants and certified Mentors work closely with 5 to 10 individual entrepreneurs, with the ultimate goal of positively influencing business growth. Extant research shows that developing productive relationships with a mentor facilitates the building of social capital and creates critical access to innovative solutions to the problems/hurdles that accompany the entrepreneurial journey. The EAS program introduces entrepreneurs to the core behavioral economic management principles outlined below through Gallup-led large group workshops and individualized mentor-led sessions.

  • Identification of Entrepreneurial Strengths and Talents
  • Creating roadmap for growth, hope for the future, and confidence in self
  • Creating Engaged Workplaces by building teams of talented employees
  • Building an emotional connection to customers
  • Fundamentals of Performance Management

Nebraska’s Industry Clusters
The detailed assessment of Nebraska’s economic building blocks of industry development, technology drivers, and talent base—all critical to success in the 21st century’s global, knowledge‐based economy—suggests that Nebraska has a diverse and well‐performing primary industry base to drive future economic development.
Nebraska’s Industry Clusters, as identified in the Battelle Study: Growing Jobs, Industries, and Talent: A Competitive Advantage Assessment and Strategy for the State of Nebraska, and the Department’s follow-up: Nebraska’s Growth Initiatives Implementation Plan.

  • BioSolutions
  • Transportation Logistics
  • Software and Technology
  • Finance and Insurance
  • R&D and Engineering
  • Tourism
  • Health Services
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Business Management and Administrative Services

Nebraska Department of Economic Development is working with businesses within the clusters to develop Industry networks.

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