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We are dedicated to helping your business locate the information and resources needed to continue to succeed, grow, and prosper in Nebraska. If you already do business in Nebraska, we thank you and appreciate your dedication and growth in the state.

Nebraska Advantage - Tax Incentives for Businesses
Complete information on Nebraska's competitive tax incentives for business locating in and growing in Nebraska.

Customized Job Training
For those businesses serving an outside market that are in need of significant hiring, DED can partially fund training new employees.

Business Financing & Grants (ex. SBA - CDBG - LB840 - TIF - REAP - USDA)
All known public business financing programs including loan, loan guarantee and grant programs are listed below. If you do NOT yet have a business plan it is strongly recommended you write one before contacting a bank or program listed below for a loan. With the exception of the programs listed under the 'Grants' section below, there are NO grants for the general startup and operating costs of a for-profit business.

Taxes - Nebraska and Federal
Business tax registration and other tax forms, tax guides and toll-free hotlines to Taxpayer Assistance offices in the Nebraska Dept. of Revenue and the IRS.

International Trade
There is a world of opportunity in the global marketplace. Here you will find people and resources that can help you explore and develop these opportunities.

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