Civic and Community Center Financing Fund (CCCFF)

The State of Nebraska, Department of Economic Development, will announce the date for accepting applications from Nebraska municipalities for grants to support the development of civic centers and community centers. A municipality seeking a grant completes the application process.

Legislation passed in 2013 amended the Civic and Community Center Financing Fund. The Fund’s purpose is to support the development of civic and community centers throughout Nebraska and to support projects that foster maintenance or growth of communities.

Awarded Projects:
Municipality 2014 Awarded Project Grant Amount
 Hastings  City Auditorium $750,000 
 Pender  Community Center $375,000 
 Lyons  Community Center $375,000 
 Burwell  Burwell Area/Calamus Conference Center  $375,000 
 Hickman  Community Center $375,000 
 Lexington  Fieldhouse $600,000 
 Bellevue  Convention Center $1,125,000 
 South Sioux City    Recreation Center (Planning) $10,000 
 Kearney  Recreation (Planning) $10,000 
 Plattsmouth  Downtown Entertainment Plaza (Planning)  $10,000 
 Kimball  Event Center $250,000 
 Blair  Library and Technology Center $375,000 
 Deshler  Public Library $250,000 
   Total Awarded Amount CCCFF $4,880,000 


  • 2004 - Present CCCFF Awards .xls
  • Eligible projects:
    The fund may be used for the construction of new civic and recreation centers or the renovation or expansion of existing civic, community, and recreation centers, which may include the conversion, rehabilitation, or reuse of historic buildings. The fund may also be used for preliminary planning related to the development or rehabilitation of eligible projects. The definitions of eligible projects are:
    • Civic Center—a facility that is primarily used to host conventions, meetings, and cultural events and/or a library
    • Community Center—the traditional center of a community, typically comprised of a cohesive core of residential, civic, religious, and commercial buildings, arranged around a main street and intersecting streets
    • Recreation Center – a facility used for athletics, fitness, sport activities, or recreation
    • Planning – engineering and technical studies directly related to eligible projects

    Eligible applicants:
    Most Nebraska municipalities are eligible and may apply for a grant in competition with other municipalities. Not eligible is the City of Omaha, the City of Lincoln, the City of Ralston, or other municipality that has received funding under the Convention Center Facility Financing Assistance Act or the Sports Arena Facility Financial Assistance Act. A municipality will own and operate the center, directly or under contract, for which a grant is sought.

    Grant amounts:
    No grant should amount to more than 50 percent of the total cost of construction, renovation, or expansion. The minimum amount for a non-planning grant request is $10,000. The maximum amount for a non-planning grant, determined by the population (2010 Census) of a municipality, is:
    • Population of 40,000 to 99,999, $1,125,000
    • Population of 20,000 to 39,999, $750,000
    • Population of 10,000 to 19,999, $600,000
    • Population of 1 to 9,999, $375,000
    The maximum amount of a planning grant is $10,000.

    Grant Schedule:
    An eligible municipality completing and returning the enclosed preliminary application form will be sent a final application form after February 28. Final application will need to be made by April 11. The Department will evaluate final application forms soon after they are received. Announcement of grants awarded will occur no later than April 30, 2014.

    Application Guidelines:
    • 2014 Application Guidelines .doc

    For clarification on the Civic and Community Center Financing Fund, contact:

    Jenny Bindrum, CCCFF Program Coordinator
    Nebraska Department of Economic Development
    Community and Rural Development Division
    P.O. Box 94666
    301 Centennial Mall South
    Lincoln, NE 68509-4666
    800-426-6505 or 402-471-6280
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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