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Business Assistance Center

Business Plan Resources, Business Counseling & Training
If you're thinking about starting a business, you're already planning. The following resources can help you help yourself in developing a proper business plan. This is essential, not only if you need financing or investors, but for any business you intend to make your livelihood.

Links to Nebraska and other state governments' department web sites; Nebraska business web sites; nationwide business licensing directory...

Laws and Regulations

Links to Nebraska and federal laws and regulations addressing many types of businesses and business activities; legal information, self-help legal guides and attorney directories to help you find qualified legal advice when needed.

Employment Registrations & Job Training Grants

Checklist of employer/employee registrations and requirements, federal and state; information for independent contractors; job and employee search resources; labor statistics.

Business Financing
(ex.  SBA - CDBG- LB840- TIF- REAP- USDA)  & Grants
All known public business financing programs including loan, loan guarantee and grant programs are listed below. If you do NOT yet have a business plan it is strongly recommended you write one before contacting a bank or program listed below for a loan. With the exception of the programs listed under the 'Grants' section below, there are NO grants for the general startup and operating costs of a for-profit business.

Taxes - Nebraska and Federal
Business tax registration and other tax forms, tax guides and toll-free hotlines to Taxpayer Assistance offices in the Nebraska Dept. of Revenue and the IRS.

Nebraska Advantage - Tax Incentives for Businesses
Complete information on Nebraska's competitive tax incentives for business locating in and growing in Nebraska.

Non-Profit & Tax-Exempt Organization Information
How to become a non-profit and tax-exempt organization; organizational management guides and resources to help your organization accomplish it's goals and objectives.

Trade name - Trademark - Patent - Copyright - SBIR
Intellectual property can be a crucial business asset. Comprehensive information on trade names, trademarks, patents copyrights, links to intellectual property attorneys in Nebraska as well as the SBIR (Small Busines Innovation Research) funding program for new technologies and products is provided here.

Government Procurement
Federal, state and local governments represent an enormous potential market for a wide range of products and services. Here you can learn about those opportunities, how the PTAC (Procurement Technical Assistance Program) can help you find opportunities to qualify and compete for government contracts.

Women & Minority Business Resources

Resources for and directories of women- and minority-owned businesses and resources.

International Trade
There is a world of opportunity in the global marketplace. Here you will find people and resources that can help you explore and develop these opportunities.

Nebraska Maps, Data

A collection of the most frequently requested maps, statistics and research in and about Nebraska, ranging from detailed census data to industrial opportunity studies to... just plain interesting.
Other Business Resources
Selected resources that respond to questions we get that just didn't fit in the other categories.  
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